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Nesta So

Hi, My name is Nesta. I had been in technology consulting for 12 years before I decided to change my career and went back to school to pursue my passion in design. At the same time, I also moved from New York City to Seattle to be closer to my family and quickly fell in love with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I tend to describe my style as "classic with a kick" highlighting irony while maintaining a love of the timeless. At the core, it’s about reinventing.

I am a creative and passionate interior designer with experience in designing commercial and residential spaces. I am competent in a wide range of design disciplines, ranging from architectural design and material selection to visual communication and the development of contract documents. Through my years of experience in technology consulting, I have a track record of fostering excellent relationships with clients and professionals as well as delivering outstanding results both independently and as a team leader.

Although I am a trained interior designer, I welcome interesting visual and art projects.